Saturday, 11 July 2015

My handsome son Jean-luc at his school prom he did have a hat but wouldn't wear it lol, they break up Friday.  He went out swimming with his buddy system today and got a subway reminds me I got half still in fridge I might finish lol.  He got himself sweets and biscuits of market and brought Kira sweets also. 
This lovely afghan I don't know who made it I found in a charity shop in town for £5  I couldn't walk pass it as I thought it cost more than that in the wool
Not been on here for ages here's a few things I'm making a Dr who iPad bag crochet pattern on jayda in stitches on utube.  A huge granny square  with wonder soft merry ground yarn I love it got it in cotton moon shop in my town.  And a granny ripple pattern off crochet crowd 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ohhhh my new sofa here!! Well new to me as I got it second hand I love it.  Both the kids came home n gave me a cuddle Jeanluc took a photo of us on it lol n went upstairs Kira sat on it n not budged lol., she refuses lol
Old sofa where table used to be. Table has gone up the skip  it's so comfy I won't mind falling asleep on this lol.  They brought it early I was like whoop whoop
Got it in emporium in pimperne second hand clear it shop, they are fab be going there again as so cheap!! I've been crocheting comfy today 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Here's the crochet I'm working on a granny ripple and granny square blanket.  This ripple when done might be going over my new sofa I got on Friday can't wait till it turns up Tuesday be so comfy!!
Got it second hand was chuffed it was still there when I went in Friday. Can't moan at this sofa i have had it 6 years. I be going there again as stuff was very cheap need a chest of drawers for Kira room so might be popping back in there 
Jeanluc turned 17 on Thursday dunno where that times gone was amusing though he got another phone yet again from his dad and he sent a email on his birthday?.
Heard a few things about him this week been spotted in Poole driving a bus dunno why people think We would want to know about him I'm not bothered.  As Kira goes am I bothered in Catherine Tate voice lol she went why do people think we care when We don't .  She went not heard from him in years 

I have a new addiction Kumihimo keep making them either Kira or mum pinch them lol. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Got the latest simply crochet in post last week and started on the granny trebble top,finished the back today when in mums and I started on the front
Was lovely sat in garden when we got home.  
Started new meds on Friday for my heart and so far so good no side effects!! Yeah
The God awful hacking cough with ramipril has gone away since taking the new ones. And no awful nightmares like I was having with ramipril . Thankgod I'm hoping it stays that way